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Chelsea Felts & Michael Theiss — Minted

Chelsea Felts


Michael Theiss


Where will the bride and groom be staying?

Bride and groom will be staying at Grand Beach Hotel in Miami. They would love for their guests to stay there as well, but completely understand if these accommodations are not the best fit for you.

For those guests who do choose to stay at Grand Beach Hotel, the bride and groom look forward to being able to spend more time with you hanging out at the private stretch of beach and enjoying the sun by the resort pool on Saturday before the wedding and on Monday as their first day bound by law.

Is there a hotel block?

The bride and groom have secured a room block at Grand Beach Hotel in Miami. There is a link to directly book your stay at the hotel with room block rates under the “Travel” tab at the top of this page.

If you are having issues booking the room through the link please reach out to the bride or groom, or contact the sales coordinator, Oscar Romero, directly at:

T:  305.534.8666 EXT: 4227 or 4533


Is there a dress code?

Dress your best!! The bride and groom request their guests wear formal attire.

Are children allowed?

We hope you will understand our decision to make the wedding children-free, and take the opportunity to let your hair down and celebrate in style!

The only children attending are those who are part of the wedding party. If anyone needs help with making arrangements for child care, please let us know and we will do our best to assist!

However, if you are bringing your children along for the weekend they will be welcome to join us at the Welcome Cocktail Party. We look forward to their company by the pool and sandy beaches all weekend!

Will there be transportation to and from the wedding?

The bride and groom will be providing buses to transport our guests from Grand Beach Hotel to the wedding venue and back. This option is only available to the guests who have decided to stay at Grand Beach Hotel.

If you need transportation back to the hotel prior to the end of the event, Uber/ Lyft or a taxi services will be the best option.

Is there parking at the wedding venue?

Valet and limited self parking will be available at the guests expense.